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Build Low-Power, Scalable Networks With Bluetooth Mesh
Bluetooth® mesh is a low-power, wireless network with many-to-many node communication for large-scale, extended range networks. Bluetooth Mesh enables a host of new use cases and applications ranging from building automation to asset tracking.

Cypress, the leader in wireless connectivity, was also the first to introduce a Bluetooth SIG-qualified mesh solution that is in end-customer production, the SYLVANIA SMART+ Lighting Portfolio of Bluetooth Mesh Qualified LED Lighting Products.

Cypress has a host of different Bluetooth Mesh hardware, software, and mobile app solutions to enable any type of customer to go to production with this industry-leading technology, regardless of previous Bluetooth Mesh experience. This webinar serves as a launching pad to help you build your own low-power, scalable networks with Bluetooth Mesh.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- What is Bluetooth Mesh
- Bluetooth Mesh Market & Applications
- Cypress Bluetooth Mesh Solution
- Demo of Bluetooth Mesh Network Setup

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